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A Forbidden Love


He whispers when I’m lonely

He provokes me when I’m mad

Something like a burden,

Yet the most consistent friend I have

He’s my shadow in the sun

My companion when it’s dark

His angel and my demon

Tap Dance beneath the stars.

Im an angel craving chaos,

He’s a demon seeking peace

Our Hearts intertwine

The tempo don’t skip a beat.

A forbidden love,

Mistaken for temptation

confused as lust

He loves me more than hell

& I love him just as much

He can drag me beneath the surface

Where the earth is consumed by fire

I’ll fly him up to heaven

Where we can’t get any higher

You may disagree..

But Within him I see the good

They say this loves forbidden..

I say it’s misunderstood


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5E516C09-0B18-48B8-8943-434ADCA06DE1Crazy glue stuck to hands that were placed across my heart

I was holding together the pieces that those I thought loved me, broke apart

Torn from my chest and stitched to my sleeve

There’s beauty in damage and I want everyone to see..

What was designed to destroy me

Watered my seeds,

grown in the darkness,  this beauties unique. 

The dark sunflower, my petals are black,

Each petal Representing my thousands of deaths.

A Self made poison, 

The toxicity kills slow,

 I needed to be certain to kill every me I’ve known. 

The fire in my soul burns through to the night, 

there’s strength in my flames, they light up the sky. 

My ending is beautiful, my destruction is bliss, 

from the remains of the ash, rises a pheonix.

REBORn . rebirth . Reborn 



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Didn’t Love Me Pt 1


I loved you but you didn’t love me

Your finger prints were like tattoos around my neck . The bald spots plagued my head like alopecia does to its victims. I left behind a life to make one with you and the lives we created. Yet you held that knife to me while I held them and cried. I was covered in red, drowning in quick sand my head barely above the surface – with each breath I fought as if it were my last. I loved you but you didn’t love me.

I tolerated the abuse based off a portrait of yourself you had painted for me. The man I fell in love with snuck into the back window of my soul and took my life right before my eyes. My body was nothing more than an empty shell, one which no one would want to admire if It was found by the shore. I loved you but you didn’t love me.

Your hands have caused damage, but your words would slice me like razor blades. With time bruises fade, while the cuts leave permanent scars. Although the pain is like a gun shot wound to the head this type of trauma cannot be treated in a hospital. How can I overcome the woman I have become, numbed by substances, chasing the man who inflicted this death sentence I was facing. I spent nights in the mirror staring at a familiar stranger whom shared my same memories in fear. Depression waves the size of tsunamis – he didn’t kill me so I was killing myself.

I loved you, I didn’t love me.